Unicode Font Viewer

This small tool shows all true type fonts on a Windows system and allows to browse through all codepoints (characters). See whether your fonts contain chinese, arabic or hebrew characters

Get a short description of the selected character (where specified by the Unicode consortium) and compose a unicode string which can be copied to the clipboard and used in other applications. This way you can use the viewer as simple IME (input method editor) replacement. The viewer does not depend on any language specific version of Windows nor does it need any additonal software (Language support etc.).


This software is freeware. No restrictions apply, but the usual disclaimer about liability etc.


Unicode Font Viewer
Download link: Unicode Font Viewer
Description: Little tool to explore the content of all installed fonts (binary only).
Version: n/a
Last change: 03. Feb 2007
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Author: Mike Lischke (www.soft-gems.net)
Platform: Windows 9x / Me, Windows NT / 2K / XP
Type of download: Application