This is an interface unit for the use of OpenGL with Delphi (also known as Delphi OpenGL binding) and contains the translations of gl.h, glu.h, glx.h and glext.h as well as some support functions. Additionally, this unit contains bug fixes and enhancements of Delphi's and other translations as well as support for most extensions. See the file for a development history and documentation of the support functions.


Soft Gems OpenGL header translation is released under MIT license. This license is very generous and allows use of the code in any application including commercial software.


OpenGL header file translation
Download link: OpenGL header file translation
Description: Translation of the the common gl.h, glu.h, glx.h and glext.h C header file.
Version: 2.0.1
Last change: 03. Feb 2007
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Author: Mike Lischke (
Platform: Delphi 4-7, 2005, BCB 4-6, BDS 2006
Type of download: Delphi Source Code