A screenshot of the DCG IDE

Although it is quite difficult to find compiler resources for Delphi there are meanwhile some, which allow to create lexical scanners and/or parsers in Object Pascal. For the Delphi Compiler Generator I used the Lex and Yacc translation for Turbo Pascal and Delphi from Albert Graef, which exists already in several different versions. DCG is an independent branch of this development and offers some additonal features (mainly related to the GUI) that other implementation do not have.

Due to my limited time to work on DCG there is still not much more than a first beta available, which can nonetheless already be used for generating lexers and parsers. Don't expect too much however. I know there is still a lot to change and improve.


DCG is released as freeware for non-commercial use. Please read the Readme.txt file in the archive for conditions of use.


Delphi Compiler Generator (DCG)
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