During my work on GLScene I created a helper unit for all kind of vector and matrix computations. Since this unit might be of general interest it is offered here as separate download.

  • Vector functions, e.g. addition, subtraction, negation, combination, dot product, cross product, linear interpolation (LERP), angle computation etc.
  • Matrix functions, e.g. creation of rotation, scale and translation matrices, adjoint, determinant, inversion, multiply, transposition etc.
  • Quaternion functions, e.g. creation, conjugation, multiplication, convertion to/from matrices, spherical linear interpolation (SLERP) etc.
  • A few mathematical functions not found in older Delphi versions.


The Soft Gems Geometry unit is published under the MIT license. This license is very generous and allows use of the code in any application including commercial software.


Geometry library
Download link: Geometry library
Description: Delphi unit containing general vector, matrix and quaternion routines.
Version: 2.5
Last change: 03. Feb 2007
Download count: 30189
Package size: 13 KB
Author: Mike Lischke (www.soft-gems.net)
Platform: Delphi 4 - 6, BCB 4 - 6, Kylix 1 - 2
Type of download: Delphi component