UCE with tabulators and visual white spaces.UCE, the UniCodeEditor is an edit control for Delphi and Borland C++ Builder with syntax highlighting and WideString/Unicode support. This edit control comes with syntax highlighter classes for Delphi, C/C++, HTML, SQL and DCG (the Delphi Compiler Generator ).

The core features of the control:

UCE with a chinese text and a marked line

  • Almost all key commands and editor actions as the Delphi IDE provides are also implemented into UCE (block commands, indentation, smart tabulators, real tabulators etc.), the general feel of UCE is very similar as in the IDE editor.
  • Up to 10 bookmarks.
  • Line numbers (with own font for display).
  • Visible control chararcters (like tabulators and line separators).
  • Triple click for marking an entire line.
  • Virtually unlimited undo/redo.
  • Scroll hint window for quick lookup of current top line.
  • Drag'n drop support (also between different edits in the same application, OLE drag'n drop will later be implemented).
  • Customizable gutter.
  • Line styles for each line individually, e.g. to mark break point lines, the current execution line etc. Line styles can contain font and background/foreground color information. Each line can have more than one style.
  • Customizable carets.
  • Fast and flicker free display.
  • Basic IME support for complex scripts. This works only on Windows NT/2K/XP+ unless the current system locale matchs the input lanugage. In this case also WIn95/98/Me return useful results.
  • Clipboard support.
  • Fixed pitch fonts only.
  • Search and replace functionality using fast Boyer-Moor or regular expressions.

Note: You need the Soft Gems Unicode Library to compile UCE.

General Unicode symbols in UCE


UniCodeditor (UCE)
Download link: UniCodeditor (UCE)
Description: Main package of the UniCodeEditor, containing the editor, highlighters and help.
Version: 1.3
Last change: 03. Feb 2007
Download count: 270175
Package size: 487 KB
Author: Mike Lischke (www.soft-gems.net)
Platform: Delphi 4 - 5, BCB 4 - 5
Type of download: Delphi source + demo