TreeNT component editor

TreeNT is a complete replacement of Borland's treeview implementation and includes many improvements and enhancements utilizing the Windows system standard treeview window class. It was the first treeview control I wrote for Borland Delphi mainly to speed up the standard implementation. However, since it still is based on the system treeview TreeNT it still suffers from many limitations.

At one day then it was time to start over and create a new control that had everything I wanted. But since this new treeview (Virtual Treeview) was created without using the system tree class it no longer is compatible with the VCL implementation. So you might still need TreeNT to have at least some improvements while keeping the full compatiblity with Borland's VCL.

NOTE: TreeNT is no longer supported. Its development is closed and will likely never be opened again.

  • TreeNT is a completely autarchic implementation and does not need the original TTreeView to work.
  • partially large speed improvements for adding and removing items
  • much faster item indexing
  • fast multi selection
  • check boxes and radio buttons with common behaviour, plus grayed check boxes with proper handling for partial checking of child nodes
  • auto scrolling
  • reorganized global tree options, summing-up various splitted options
  • new options: auto expand, auto scroll, check support, don't erase background, even item height, full row select,hot track, info tip, level select constraint, multi select, no scroll, single expand, want return
  • custom draw, supported by paint events (for the entire tree and for each node)
  • OnHint event to display node specific tooltips/hints
  • OnGetHelpContext event to retrieve node specific help context IDs
  • OnGetPopupMenu event to retrieve node specific popup menus, includes automatic tree traversal
  • new file format to load and store a tree including node specific properties (fonts, colors, check and expand state etc.), this format can also hold node data
  • really fast loading and storing the tree structure into text files; the file structure is the same as that produced by TTreeView
  • ExpandedOnce property to indicate whether an item has been expanded at least once (can be reset)
  • own font and background color properties for each node as well as ParentFont and ParentColor properties to save memory
  • virtual ReadData and WriteData methods to support user defined node classes
  • AbsoluteCount property to determine the number of children and subchildren of a node
  • fast AbsoluteIndex property
  • own item height for each node (multiples of the global ItemHeight value)


Main TreeNT package.
Version: 2.4 Last change: 03. Feb 2007
Download count: 36414 Size: 577 KB
Author: Mike Lischke Website:
Platform: Delphi 3 - 5, BCB 3 - 5 Type of download: Delphi source + demo + help

Delphi 6 version of the main package.
Version: 2.4 Last change: 03. Feb 2007
Download count: 16934 Size: 45 KB
Author: Mike Lischke Website:
Platform: Delphi 6 Type of download: Delphi component

Borland C++ version of the main package.
Version: 2.4 Last change: 03. Feb 2007
Download count: 11875 Size: 3 KB
Author: Martin Stannard Website:
Platform: Borland C++ Builder 4 Type of download: BCB component