{mosimage} The HID controller (Human Interface Devices), written by Robert Marquardt, is a component suite, which gives complete access to HID devices. Handles all devices which are in the HID subclass of USB. You will also find nice Delphi tricks like a private constructor. Compatible with Delphi 4 to 6 and BCB (tested with BCB 6 Trial). Runs on all Windows versions from Windows 95 on. Even on Windows 95 and Windows NT which have no USB support. It only never finds HID devices there.

This image shows a mouse alternative called "The claw". This device can fully be controlled by the HID component suite. In fact is was one of the main test cases to develop the HID package.

HID controller
Download link: HID controller
Description: HID controller package containing sources and help.
Version: 1.0.34
Last change: 03. Mar 2007
Download count: 115317
Package size: 372 KB
Author: Robert Marquardt (www.soft-gems.net)
Platform: Delphi 4-7, 2005, BCB 4-6, BDS 2006
Type of download: Delphi source + demo